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Originally Posted by nctomatoman View Post
Not as far as I know in Raleigh - I know that there is a group in Burlington NC (not too far from here) that are looking at a date for a big tasting - was originally going to be August 12, but things (as usual in NC) are happening faster and current date is July 22. It is not yet confirmed. There is also going to be a big tomato festival/tasting in Charlotte NC on the weekend of July 29 - details are being worked out. I will be attending both events...

Not sure if anyone else in the Raleigh area is planning any tastings - but a major Tomatopalooza like event is not in the works, I think (Lee, any comments?)

Reads like a script from the Andy Griffith show.
You really do need to name a tomato after Aunt Bee.
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