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Ken B
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This year's HHF was great -- turned out to be super hot, got up to 95, and even under the tents, I was sweating by 10 AM. But, nice and sunny, and folks seemed to enjoy themselves.

I was looking forward to the tomato tasting as a chance to try all our tomatoes... but was super busy all day, and by 5 PM when I could finally catch a breath, I just couldn't muster the energy/enthusiasm to go through and try 100 tomatoes. So, I'm making a point to snack on some different varieties from our patch every day.

Some favorites from the tastings (based on the number of seed packets folks bought):
Cherry -- Amy's Apricot, Matt's Wild Cherry, Coyote
Slicing -- Cherokee Purple, Garden Peach, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter VFN
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