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Default GDD (Growing Degree Days)

One of my favourite topics :wink:

Here is a link that provides GDD for PNW:

Corn is the closest to tomatoes for comparison. I thought it was interesting how stages of corn growth can be compared to GDD, and starting thinking about how GDD relates to tomato growth (apart from ripening).

I have done some very basic record keeping in the past related to ripening, but perhaps will start making notes on tomato set as well.

Weather here has been unbelievable, and I have tomato set on many of my plants; Orange-1 and Purple Russian are amazing so far!!

And, for those that are interested, GDD as suggested in Territorial's 2002 catalog:

Ultra-Early: 1100 heat units (=GDD)
Extra-Early: about 1300 heat units
Early: up to 1500 heat units
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