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If you're growing year round, I would recommend Black Early for your colder season. I grew BE and Indian Stripe starting early in the cold this year. Black Early was sixteen days earlier in those conditions, and the early fruit were high quality with very minor catfacing on the blossom end of the first fruit and no defects of texture or taste which are common early in the season. By comparison, the first fruit of Indian Stripe was quite severely catfaced and ripened unevenly. However once the cold had passed and in summer growing temperatures, Black Early had more of a tendency to radial cracks on a regular basis, while Indian Stripe fruit were generally perfect except for that first one and one other that set in a cold spell. Both plants bore fine quality fruit in the fall.

The taste of Black Early was not the same as IS, although it is very good. I put it closer to the category of mild rich blacks, which are not tangy when fully ripe nor as sweet as CP, IS and Vorlon. Overall though an excellent cool weather black for me.
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