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Hello Anneliese,
that's a very kind offer. Thank you a million. However, I'd like to ask you for waiting a bit. My grow plans for next year are full to the brim, maybe a bit brimming over. I have got 10 new lb resistant varieties to test and I don't know yet if I'll be able to squeeze them in.

Of course I store seeds from all open pollinated varieties that I have grown so far. But there haven't been so many as I focus on lb resistant ones - it's a must - and they are mostly hybrids. Yes, my plan is to grow some non-resistant cultivars on my balcony, too, but there's very limited space there.

In return I can send you Mountaineer Pride and Mountaineer Delight seeds (resistant beefsteaks), Koralik (semi-wild cherry), Sophie's Choice (det.), Arctic Rose (beefsteak dwarf), Mongolian Karlik (det. beefsteak) and Matt's Wild Cherry. And that's it, plus Start F1 and Stupice. These are all the OP varieties I have grown so far. I am still just a rookie.

I'd like to tell you that you were perfectly right saying earlier this year that I would have plenty of toms. Now that the season is over I can sum it up:
Initial number of plants: 46
First late blight symptoms: 23.7.
First plants gone: 3.8.
Final number of plants: 21 (all lb resistant)
Healthy ripe tomatoes: "adults" 126,227 kg
clones/cuts 15,588 kg
Final number of clones: 23
Unripe green tomatoes for indoor ripening: "adults" 15,742 kg
clones 9,108 kg
Total: 166,685 kg

Not a bad result after all. I was a bit disappointed with their taste though. At least 15 - 20% down compared to my best year which was 2018.

How was your season (or has been)?

Milan HP

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