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Milan HP
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Hello Kevin,
sure I could. But first about alcohol: You're told completely wrong, that is unless you consume half a liter of whisky(ey?) a day (did Winston Churchill drink that much?). That equals 10 units of alcohol. And I'm almost sure you don't. My regular dose is 4 units (beer or wine), not every day but almost, and I feel my brain works better for that, not worse. Let's face reality: it's the age of our brain cells that really matters.
As to the special Czech varieties, I can recommend (and also provide) two really early cultivars: Start F1 and Stupice (OP). I believe they could grow well in Wales. The only problem with them is that they aren't late blight resistant. Which won't matter if you grow them in a greenhouse (as you said you your father had done with Aisla Craig).

Milan HP
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