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Originally Posted by Fusion_power View Post
Borgo Cellano is similar in origin - i.e. from Italy, heirloom variety - but the fruit are dramatically different. Borgo is a drying tomato that works well in paste and sauce. I would not slice and eat Borgo unless nothing else was available. Christopher Columbus is a juicier tomato that has a decent flavor in salads and for fresh eating.

I have about 30 CC plants growing in a tray and will ship a few of them to Florida in 2 weeks.

As I said above, I know you like Borgo Cellano, and I wasn't comparing it with CC , b'c I don't think anyopne knows the history behind CC and was just suggesting that that person may have been suggesting that it too was several hundreds of years old, in which case it probably wouldna't even have had a name.

Almost all italian heirlooms that I've ever been sent have either been named already, for the family that brought them to the US or had no name at all and had to aske the person sending me the seeds to see what they could find out.

Actually the last time this happened it was with a variety that Charlie my farmer friend was growing where I used to grow most of my tomatoes. I asked him what it was and he said it had no name, it was just a variety that the family he sold wholsale to always grew.

So I contacted them, found when it was brought to the US, found it was grown in the Sarnow area of Poland, found out the name of the family growing it here in the US was Sarnowski, originally from that area, so it became Sarnowski Polish Plum.

And Barkeater actually met the younger Sarnowski somewhere around the Canadian border, noticed his name and BINGO , yes, it was Carolyn Male who contacted the family about it he said. Gotta love it.
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