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The original story was on Gardenweb back about 2003. It was posted by a man named Joseph who brought seed back from Italy and offered them on a website. He made claims of getting back to the way tomatoes are supposed to taste, and sold seed for a very high price. He sent me and 3 or 4 other folks seed to trial. I've kept it going since. I think Earl of Earl's Faux fame also has original seed.


I was just going to ask about that b'c I remember very clearly the website he put up and the high price he was charging for seeds and all the claims he made, but I don't remember him bringing them back from Italy. Maybe he did and named it CC, but see below.

I remember him naming that variety Christopher Colombus b/c he maintained that Columbus brought those seeds to America, which of course isn't true b'c Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 before the Spanish ever arrived in Mexico and subsequently distribted seeds to the Caribbean, then Spain, and from there to Italy.

I tried for an hour or so to find that website with no luck at all.

But the story isn't all that different from the variety Chuck Wyatt got a hold of, Borgo Cellano, which was claimed to be 400 plus years old, from Italy, and which I dislike re taste and you love it I know.

So that's what I remember b'c folks were going ga ga at something that Chris himelf brought to the US and if you Google even now you'll find some links and blogs that say Colombus was the source of tomato seeds to the Caribeean and the US, which he was not.

I mean why would he name a variety Christopher Columbus if there wasn't a tie in he was trying to prove with the name? Ja, Chris was from Genoa, not Spain as many once believed, but still.....

Ah well.
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