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Hi..I have the Nutrients list...
N = 12%
K = 15%
S = 8 %
Fe = 0.2%
Zn = 0.02%
P = 5 %
Mg = 1.6 %
B = 0.015%
Mn = 0.02%
Chloride free
Form Prilled

I feel my Tomatoes need some fertiliser and CalMag is simply not available and I have had another opinion that what was sold to me last season is not Calmag and could well have damaged all my plants I used it on...This is what I am continually up against here..Apparantly the company that sells YaraMila-Complex has had good reports on it as a tomato fertiliser ...I can get it in a 20kg bag but it has to be bought via a Farm ag company???
I will try and get some info via a Nursery if they have heard of it......Cause I need something ...You say you use Osmocote....WEll its available here in many different forms...can I inquire which one you actually use...Thanks Ron..
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