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Bill, these are the roots on the Cajun Jewel that I pulled out two weeks ago. The plants were very healthy with trunks 2" thick, just winding down in production and I needed the room. The remaining Choppees would produce all we need for fresh eating.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these knotted up roots! I would say they were pretty nematode resistant although it's not in any description I've read for the variety. Not even one lower leaf dropping over the season! No yellowing or even wilting in the heat.

On the downside, I've not encountered RKN in this bed before and have been soooo very careful to rinse with water and to spray all tools with 10% bleach solution before using them in a bed. Every time!

It will be interesting to see what the Choppee roots look like when it comes time to pull them. Until then they're still putting out good.
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