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Ken B
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Coming up this weekend!

Cool weather's continuing to slow down our tomatoes, but we'll still have a decent amount. (Though we've had a few nights below 50 recently, so that's gonna hurt the flavor some.)

(Weird thing with our tomatoes I've never seen before: last week I was picking slugs off our fruits! We've got small grey slugs around, but normally we don't see them in the summer much -- we see them a bit on strawberries in late spring, then they disappear when it gets hot, and we don't notice them again til later in the fall when they're hanging out in the lettuce etc. But this year August was so cool and mild -- 80s and 70s and some 60s, with more rain late in the month -- that we started getting slugs hanging out in the nice moist hay mulch under the plants, and crawling up into the plants to suck on the fruits...)
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