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What an amazing time! I got to spend a good bit of time chatting with Ira and the SESE gang, and since my two workshops not only focused on (of course!) tomatoes but lots of the varieties that were being sampled in the tasting, could funnel lots of folks in that direction after my talks. It was pretty gratifying having two full/overflowing houses. Mostly, it was such fun to get to meet quite a few of my fellow Storey/Workman/Timber author mates. Great folks, and we are all grappling with the same types of issues as fairly new authors in a rapidly changing environment.

So my completely unanticipated, surprising, overwhelming year of activities is finally winding down (and I am both glad, and in a bit of a letdown). I've got a few podcasts/radio shows remaining, and three local workshops.

On to Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Alexandria, Leesburg, Morehead City, Longwood Gardens and goodness knows what else next year!
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