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Default This years winter cover crop

Last year I did a tillage radish winter cover crop.It did well as I had holes leftover from the radishes after they rotted in the ground.The taproot went deep into the soil and the drainage seemed very good.Only downfall I could see was the foliage decomposed very fast and left me with bare ground through April into May.That allowed the soil to crack and get hard from the sun.I put in 12- 40 pound bags of cow compost to my 200 sq. ft no till garden.This past weekend I pulled up all my plants and tossed them in the trash.I mowed down the grass mulch I used this summer.I then used my garden fork to loosen the soil without turning it over.I then scattered my tillage radish seeds and added hairy vetch so I'll have coverage until I can plant my tomato and pepper plants.To kill my vetch in the past I just mowed it down and then planted into it.I'm hoping I get good growth from my radishes and the weather holds out for the next 5 or 6 weeks.I'm 2 weeks late planting this year.I retired in June but we decided to paint our living room,2 weeks ago,have new carpet put in which was today and have new furniture coming late this week or early next week.I also just bought a new car yesterday that I pick up tomorrow.It's been crazy,we also babysit our 10 month old grandson 3 days a week and he's starting to crawl and get into everything.But really loving being retired.Oh ya,our daughter who is mom to our 10 month old is having another child next April.That will make 4 grandchildren.Nothing better than being a grandpa!!!!We are really Blessed.

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