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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
Oh my gosh, 1/4 inch, really? A different bubble envelope sitting here empty is thicker than 1/4 inch.
I mailed my seed envelope from the regular mail box outside the post office. It wasn't much more than an inch and a half. I had to squish it down to fit in the slot.
I hope my mailer didn't set off bells and whistles in your mailbox, Tormato. Did you get the "dun" described in Greatgardens post? Fingers crossed not.

- Lisa

The 1/4" is when mailing seeds in a business or greeting card paper envelope. Rarely do I receive a bubble mailer under the 3/4" package rule. And, my mailing out a bubble mailer under 3/4", that usually happens when I see a unicorn during a blue moon.
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