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Fred, I stopped answering b'c I thought I heard a car in my driveway, bringing me T-day dimner, but I was wrong. I remembered that Joyce had asked about it in the Czech thread so went back there first and posted the following.

No, it's not a Czech variety and I just posted in Fred's thread as well, and said I'd grown it, but that's all.

The Spanish people prefer varieties that are eaten underripe, most have prominent green shoulders and even when ripe are tart.

All to say that I wouldn't grow it again.

I've grown several varieties from Spain and all the ones I've grown have followed the same pattern as this one, that is, way too tart for me.

I'm sure there are others that are better, but I haven't been growing any others from Spain recently.

Carolyn, waiting for delivery of her T-Day dinner, home cooked by the parents of Angie, who does her grocery shopping for her.

Tania, adding that no, not the top 100, try top 3,000 and you'd get closer . Raf was another one I grew as well as Montserrat, all about the same as to tastes I do not like. When I was in Spain and ate in restaurants it was about the same, and I had no opportunity to get in the rural areas since I was on a planned tour on that trip which took me to Portugal and Morroco. Really exciting when staying in Fez in Morroco b;c when I came down in the AM for breakfast there were these red velvet ropes preventing access. When I and others asked about it we were told that last night there had been an assasination and they were trying to get all the blood off the carpets.
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