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Because of my MG Seed Starting Mix disaster, I went immediately to Jiffy plugs and Jiff Seed Starting mix. I have no complaints about Jiffy. I put some saved seeds from 2012 into the mix and they were up in numbers after day 3.

I also started a bunch of the plugs and have had the same results. But, I agree with a previous comment about not leaving the seedlings in the plug very long. I have potted up most of the 9 dozen plugs I started after the disaster. To do so, I break the netting off and chunk it. Then I break the plug apart enough to get to the individual seedlings and their roots. At this point I am treating them like any other seedling being potted up.

With some of the seedlings, I am combining the material from the broken up plugs and some of the loose Jiffy mix and loading up some of my usual 9 oz cups. I'm also beginning to apply some ferts. I'll repot with my usual potting mix ASAP. Right now, it's a fast pace task to save these seedlings from attempt number two for the first time.

But, I must confess that I have a heat mat. And I love it. You must find a way to add heat to the bottom of your germination flats.
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