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Originally Posted by NarnianGarden View Post
Foose & AlittleSalt, that sure doesn't sound encouraging

But hooray! The first one has come alive! Not all hope is lost. Am well aware about the netting problem and will remove all of that before re-potting the seedlings.
It's an experiment I took upon me in order to avoid buying heavy bags of soil... which I'll eventually do for the latter stage. So many people seem to happily use them, so they cannot be all bad (except the enviromental issue of course which is removable)
Well, being blunt sums-up my experience with them. I found a way that I like with the seed cells, I believe it mimics nature more. In the same thought - I hope the Jiffy Pellets work out great for you.

My wife was telling me about something on her Facebook thing that actually sort of makes sense. People are starting seeds in ice cream cones...I guess it would work?
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