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I made a double batch of this and it is awesome!!! I used only 3 jalapenos and a couple of Anahiem peppers for a double batch and it was perfect (Mild but still had a kick)for us. We love it, and may never buy salsa from the store again. I used yellow bells and Sweet Banana peppers from my garden along with a few green and red, and it looks as good as it tastes. I will be making another batch today and hopefully we will be set until next year. (I have a son who puts salsa on just about everything).

I will add to the recipe that Annie said if you do the water bath you process for 15 min and Annie also said:

"I'll also caution you to taste the salsa before adding sugar or salt. Sometimes the tomatoes are really sweet and the added sugar is too much. Some people like less salt, or less cilantro, substitute parsley for the cilantro, use less/no cumin. Taste and then season, all those items are simply for flavoring and can be adjusted to suit your taste."

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