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I have found the secret to growing sweet potatoes in beds. Plant them under your pepper plants and then keep trimming them if they get too far out of the bed and if they get too aggressive climbing your peppers. It has amazed me how much better the two types of plants do when grown together. They must have a very symbiotic relationship.

I spent the morning starting a few seeds of everything I plant in the fall to test the viability of what I have so I can order some new ones if some of them are too old to germinate well. I have six different envelopes of mustard seed and have no idea how old most of them are so I planted 10 seed from each envelope and numbered the envelopes and the cups so I can see which ones are still good. I did basically the same thing with my other fall seeds and in a week will know what I need to buy for fall, winter and spring.

I sprayed my remaining tomatoes with the bleach spray this morning first thing and it is now raining again. Right now I am at six days in a row with rain so the diseases are really taking off and no fungicides will stay on so the bleach spray is the best I can do until the rain quits for a few days. After the hot dry weather this much rain is wrecking havoc on the tomatoes and I keep trying to pick them before they split too badly but some are starting to split when still green. The bell peppers are enjoying the break in the heat and I am not seeing as much sun scald as I was just a week ago. I'm sure this cooler weather won't last too long but it is a nice break if the rain doesn't keep on too long.

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