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That photo was taken three weeks ago. Here's what they look like now:

I've already picked the first two squash (including the one on the nearest squash plant) and two cucumbers (National Pickling).

Last week, by the time I remembered Bill's use of Sevin around the squash stem base, a dastardly SVB had bored into one squash vine. Since it was newly made I injected up and down stem from the hole, covered it with soil and started regular dusting around the bases of both squash and cuke vines. The plant seems fine and no harm done.

That's a sweet potato vine on the trellis at the other end of the bed. I had one slip left over when I planted in May so I stuck it at the end of this bed where I could trellis the vine. The other day I saw one tater starting to bulge up in a crack in the soil so I covered it over again. I wonder how many more are under there? They'll be dug up in about three weeks.
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