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Originally Posted by pmcgrady View Post
Plant potatoes... Get potatoes...

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But...I want a potato that actually has some flavor.

Originally Posted by pmcgrady View Post
They have Yukon Gold .39 cents a pound local

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I might try buying at the local supermarket,but what they sell are generic no flavor potatoes.No reason the plant potatoes with little to no flavor,as I can buy those all day long and not have to tend plants.


Originally Posted by Nattybo! View Post
German Butterball is the tastiest potato I have found so far. My picky eater kids even ate the skins! So the only seed potatoes I bought this year were German Butterball.
Ok,I have this one sprouting to be planted.I also found a package of small fingerling potatoes locally.If they ever sprout,I'll plant those too.

I was actually kind of trying to find a russet type potato to plant,but may have to wait another season,as I only have so many containers.

Thanks for the suggestion of German Butterball.Nice to know that these are flavorful.

I soiled my plants.
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