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Ken B
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The 2014 seed swap is coming up next weekend, Saturday October 4th, starting 9 AM. Me, Ira, and Irena from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange will all be there, Rodger Winn's gonna be there, plus lots of other Tomatoville folks I'm guessing... Ira made a Facebook post about it on the SESE page --

If the weather holds up, we're hoping to bring some tomatoes with us! We've had a few nights dip into the high 40s here, but none lately, so hoping the tomatoes we bring will still have OK flavor.

Irena will probably bring some other fun stuff to show off (Papalo, Mexican Mint Marigold, Sesame, Jewels of Opar, etc.)

And, for anyone who'd like a peek at it, I'll bring along our advance copy of Craig's book!
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