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I have trialed various organic fertilizers, the biggest challenge is the micronutrients (due to my hard water) and midseason application (how to distribute it in the soil, since many of the nutrients will mostly just stay locally). Currently a 7-3-10 based on chicken manure, vinasse and some other animal byproducts is the best, while a 5-4-8 vegan based (doesn't really say what) was the worst, especially in efficiency, it's way less potent than the other one even if the difference in numbers isn't that big.
High on my list is to get my hands on some myr micro, aminoacid complexed micronutrients, a modern product for organic farming.

As for taste, yes, I noticed a difference in sweetness, I think mostly due to lower K in organic fertilizers, which leads to a less pronounced acidity. Can't say the maximum flavor itself is different (I say maximum because for me at least taste varies quite a bit during the season on the same plant even).

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