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Originally Posted by biscuitridge View Post
Could you taste the difference between organic and chemical ferts? I've always tasted a difference, organic has always had more flavor and sweeter. I use pretty much the same ingredients plus more. I've had the same problem with containers as well, they done marginally compared to raised beds.,though I haven't put much effort into it because I can grow so much more and easier in raised beds. I'm delighted to see you have been working on this way of growing. I'd be interested in hearing the amounts of amendments that you are using.
I think growing with chemical fertilizer can produce as good tasting of a tomato as any other means. I have ate many side by side through the years. I'll find an article for you on the value of K on flavor. We also are good with our moisture levels, this makes a real difference, we also don't have rain on our plants. Besides unhealthy plants, I think these issues matter more when it comes to flavor. You know that washed out bland taste? For business purposes I am really throwing a lot at the organic side of things. I used to grow in raised beds for years, and now I am simply better as a grower than I was 25 years ago, so I am excited. People want to learn organic gardening for several reasons.

I followed the directions on each box. I am a label reader type. lol The broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage, everything... was very healthy. I also just gave it water for the Summer after I set it up. I have a little YouTube of it online somewhere. The wife makes me do that stuff, she's the boss. LOL

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