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Default Mother Earth News Fair, Seven Springs, PA -- September

The 2015 Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania will be Fri Sept 18-Sun Sept 20 --

We (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) organize the tomato tasting for it, we'll be bringing 75-100 varieties. Like I wrote in the Heritage Harvest Festival thread, we'll be focusing on varieties featured in Craig's new book for this year's tasting.

(We'll also have peppers and muskmelons and watermelons for tasting, too!)

I've never made it to this one myself -- I usually keep busy with going to the Heritage Harvest Festival, and other folks from SESE help out with it -- but it's a big and popular event, 20,000 different folks over the 3 days! But *maybe* depending on how busy I am I'll get to finally go this year...
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