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Here's my first progress report.
When I compare lignohumate treated plants to their counterparts in the control group, I can see quite a lot of difference. Start 1 was a bit more developed than Start 2 before I transplanted them. So I decided to "support" Start 2 by dipping the roots in lgh and see if "she" (is it true that English speaking people call anything they love "she"? Ships, cars, pets?) would catch up. She did and more than that: 3 bunches of flowers as opposed to two, larger fruits. I admit that it may be partly because of different intensity of light (it isn't by far evenly spread), but the same pattern can be seen in Arctic Roses and Sophie's Choices. Especially the S.C. whose roots were also dipped in lgh (4 bunches of flowers and one visible fruit the size of a marble) has gone far ahead of her sister, who hasn't even started to flower yet. The treated AR is in full bloom (2 bunches) and her sibling hasn't even opened one "eye". In the other two varieties (Tomato Berry and Nelinka) the differences are not obvious enough to be perceptible, perhaps because they didn't start on the same line.
I wouldn't like to make any certain conclusions, it's too early for that, but there are visible signs suggesting that humic substances might be beneficial. Now I treat my plants fair: they get the same amount of water or fertilizer. I decided to use lgh once every 3 or 4 weeks for watering. Next week I'll do it first time.

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