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Thank you Nan, I see it that way too.

It's been difficult to think about planting/starting pepper seeds with all that has been going on, but I will get them started tomorrow. It's kind of funny in-a-way, because for months I've been thinking I need to start the pepper seeds around January 15th, and tomorrow is 1-15-19.

There was no news about my mother-in-law today, so I'm thinking that could be good news. She is in a hospital 50 miles away (Right beside mine and Jan's doctor's building/office) We can't go see her because of our car turning into a money pit.

I wrote more, but this is the peppers section. I'm hoping to add more pepper related things in days to come. I'll start a different thread in the 2 cents section about the car and other stuff.

Let's grow some peppers.
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