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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
I think this will be as far as I go with a hot pepper this year. Does anyone get a really hot pepper from this or are they truly uniformly mildly hot? I want to minimize my mistakes with hot peppers in recipes that I want mild.

I had a row of misc "Fooled You" type Jalapenos and they got mixed in with the hots after harvest. Maybe a purple Jalapeno grown far away so it will stand out. Or should the ancho be my "hot" choice?

- Lisa
The Pablano or as you call it Ancho can be very tricky.
From the same plant you can get a mild pepper and later in the year get one that burns your lips off.
To me an ancho will always be a dried pablano, ancho meaning wide.
Most of the time when I buy them they are like leather or jerky and I eat them out of hand whole for a snack.
You cant go wrong with this pepper in my opinion.
Happy Fermenting.
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