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Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
My parents and grandparents had something similar to that crock but it never saw sauerkraut. I remember the two weights. It's what they used for brining cases of fresh green olives they would buy down in Boston's North End. We had a round rock that we would take turns using to whack the olives in order to split them open, then they would go onto the crock for brining before being rinsed and stored under oil. I don't remember what went into the brine or how long they stayed there, but it seemed like a long time to me.

Thanks for posting the picture of the crock--it triggered a lot of childhood memories! And I think mom might still have that rock.
Well from my friends mother before she died she told me to use enough salt with water to float a new fresh egg.
The older the egg the easier it will float.
Rotten eggs float in fresh water.
Depending on the temperature it can take a couple of months or more.
As for olive oil I had rather buy good oil that is bitter and let it age as to buy oil that is older and lost is flavor.
To me it is just right when it is light green and tastes sort of like green apples.

I love the black bitter oil cured olives with a good beer.
They grow olives just south of me I need to check in and see if I cant buy some fresh olives from them to cure in the crock.
This thing isn't going to just sit around to collect dust and look pretty.

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