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Okay Pete I looked at the links and they are fine.
There are other methods like the one mcool61 describes above.
I was raised on homemade sauerkraut made from our own home grown cabbage and salt we mined from the earth.
Well I am joking about the salt mine but we did grow our own cabbage.
We had a huge crock but not a fancy one like I bought just a simple crock.
There would be a layer of cabbage then salt and cabbage and salt and so on till it reached the top.
I weight was placed on top and a towel was put over the top of the crock.
Soon enough water would start to form the weight would sink lower.
After it was finished we would can it in jars.
It is very simple you just have to be sanitary but not over board sanitary.

The crock I bought has a water ring around it to keep air and critters out but let gas bubble out.

I opted not to buy a wood stomper because I am a wood worker and should be able to make my own.

The reason I am doing this is not because I have jumped on the latest health food hippie fad.
It is because it is part of my heritage and the reason for the German style fermenting crock.
The other reason is the source for good imported German sauerkraut has dried up.
The store used to carry it but since the economic crash we had a while back all of the stores stopped stocking things that didn't move fast.
I cant blame them but I dont have to live with it.

I have also read that if you process it you lose much of the health benefits.
I dont know if this is true or not.
What I do know is I see some wonderful old school Kraut coming my way.
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