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Originally Posted by walkinggin View Post
You could try blackstrap molasses rather than milk.It contains good amounts of iron, potassium and magnesium as well as calcium and it is cheaper. I water my tomatoes in pots with it once a week 1tb per gallon of water. Blackstrap molasses can easily be found at any natural food store and some supermarkets.

Worth- regarding soil alkalinity and vinegar, I wonder how long the acidity lasts in the soil and whether it would build up over time. Have you tested your soil since you amended it?I have been adding a tb of 5%vinegar to a gallon of water for my pots because not only is my soil ph high but my water hovers at 8 or higher as well.


No I havent tested my soil yet but may do so plus the way I have the beds set up I dont think it will build up as it can wash out the bottom.

How long it lasts I have no idea it was what I might call a temporary fix.
Like taking high blood pressure pills instead of changing your diet.

It is my first try at raised beds and have to start from scratch and have a lot to learn.
I dont even know if it changed the ph or if it was the iron or what, it just worked.
what ever it was it worked in a big way.

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