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Originally Posted by TigersAU777 View Post
I also have alkaline soil...but dont have the spray and dial. I have a pump spray bottle that is 40 oz. can you tell me approximately what percentage of vinegar to water i would need? Also would boric acid work or no?
The Ortho dial and sprays settings are for ratio to gallon of water.
So at my best guess I put 32 ounces of vinegar in the container and sprayed at a ration of 8 ounces to on gallon.
That would be 1 cup per gallon of 5% acidity vinegar.

I saw some agricultural vinegar at the store for a lot higher price and I said what the heck I'll use what I have.

I would have no idea about the boric acid but I think I saw some stuff with phosphoric acid in it for the same purpose.

They have a product that is for turning hydrangea blooms from pink to blue ad blue to pink.
One is acidic and the other is alkali.

You can also use sulfur to make soil acid.

Here is a link and a chart at the bottom of the page.

The whole thing was an experiment for me. I had no idea what I was doing and it worked.

Happy Fermenting.
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