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Default Ironite Vinegar and MG.

All of my plants looked yellow and blue veined with purple stems.
I new I had put 16 16 16 in the raised beds and went to work hoping for the best.
Nope I got home and some of the plants were growing but some right next to them did little if anything.

So this time home I decided to cure or kill everything.

Because I had already put on what I thought plenty of fertilizer I knew it had to be one or two of 2 things.

Low in iron or soil too alkaline.
I tested the soil and it was around 7.5 or 8

So I bought a big bag of Ironite 1-0-1 and spread it everywhere.
I sprayed the beds down with a solution of vinegar.
Then to top it off I sprayed the garden down with MG fertilizer for blooming plants.

3 days later the garden is exploding with growth and blooms, even the stunted plants are coming out of it.

Call it what you will but I needed results and fast I dont have time to wait, summer is on the way.

I'm glad something worked.

Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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