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Shelly, I have a Stump of the World doing great in a new bed created from an old flower bed that doesn't have much fusarium.
Every single plant in that bed has done good while the same ones in the fusarium infested beds do poorly. My rating was based only on the plants in the fusarium infested soil.

nctomatoman, I am rating them by how well they produced despite fusarium. I planted 3 AWV and only one has produced more than 3 fruits but they were very large. The Druzba produced 8 med sized fruit. The Mortgage Lifter only produced 7 fruits but they were very large. My Gary O' Sena which is almost dead now made the biggest plant in my garden and has make over 20 tomatoes the largest was 23 ounces and the smallest 10 and there are over a half dozen yet to be picked. The Gregori's Altai died fairly quickly once symptoms occured but it made a whopping 25 tomatoes between 10 and 15 ounces. My Old Virginia is still producing and I have already picked 22 nice tomatoes off of it.

Timmah, I planted only one of some like Orange Heirloom, Arkansas Traveler, and Druzba. I planted two of Prudens Purple and German Red Strawberry. I planted 3 of Hege German Pink, Akers West Virginia and Reif Red Heart.

These ratings were determined more by the ability of the plant to produce new fruit and hold long enough for existing fruit to finish growing and ripen than number of tomatoes produced. Some of the ones listed in the lower two rating categories made a good number of tomatoes but died very quickly after showing the first symptoms. I had to cut off a wilted main stem of my NAR a month ago and it is still setting new fruit and standing over 8 feet tall and still has a good number of large tomatoes on it.

Next year many of these may do just the reverse but some will not get the chance like Break O Day, Reif Redheart, Costa Rica, and Cuostralee.
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