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Originally Posted by Salsacharley View Post
Can you believe it? You posted this 6 days ago and you and I are the only ones who have even viewed this thread. There are only 3 views at the time I'm posting this.
I too read it and found it interesting. Don't know why my viewing was not counted.
Nothing to say much that applies except that I always chop and drop for my hedges and have never had to fertilize anything there for as long as I can recall (25yrs?).
No digging around my fig tree either with litter always left as a mulch plus mowed leaves.
I always leave stuff on any beds I have, to keep neighbourhood cats from digging there.
Any time I've had a no dig garden I've always had it covered with mulch etc to keep the soil looking good, soft and active under the mulch.
Now, any time I pull back what's on top under the hedges I see mostly worm castings.
I have done this despite having been told that the bacteria that break down the mulch use up the nitrogen in the soil. This has never been an issue for me. I think maybe because the soil has not had fresh stuff dug into it but rather everything lays on top. Maybe.
If I were planting something like lettuce I would either fertilize as planting or use liquid fertilizers.
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