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Originally Posted by Rockporter View Post
Worth, according to the Texas Attorney General

This is a portion of what is at this link above.

Under Texas law, it is illegal for a landlord to retaliate against you for complaining in good faith about necessary repairs for a period of six months from the date you made such a complaint. Of course, you can always be evicted if you fail to pay your rent on time, threaten the safety of the landlord or intentionally damage the property.

You do not have a right to withhold rent because the landlord fails to make repairs when the condition needing repair does not materially affect your health and safety. If you try this method, the landlord may file suit against you.


Because mold is a health issue you can withhold your rent. I would be making reports and withholding rent. If that meant I would have to move I would do it in a heartbeat. These landlords who think you should live in an unhealthy environment should be strung up and left for 30 days in their unhealthy properties without the ability to go anywhere.
What I stated was not from the web it was from memory of reading a Texas real estate law book in the 80's.
Laws change from time to time and states differ on the law.
from what I have heard but no way of knowing it is real or not some are way in favor of the landlord.

Another thing I have noticed around here home owners seem to look down their noses at renters.

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