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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Smelly Penicilliums? Perhaps but when I think of Penicilliums I'm thinking the band and good ones and here's a Google search I did a couple of days ago.

I always remembered the good one,the one that produces penicillin, as P.notatum, but I was wrong, they changed the name to a new one I'd never heard of.

During my years of teaching Microbiology, now with DNA snips available there have been many name changes.

The one I remember best was Aerobacter aerogenes which got changed to Enterobacter aerogenes.

I don't know what species is common here, but it is a blue one and very common here in the woods. I used to burn wood for heat, so got acquainted with the molds that grow on firewood (especially birch) when I was doing that myco course, only to genus though as we didn't have keys to take us to species. I thought all the Pennicilliums produced penicillin, but I guess not so. It would be easy to 'grow your own' on a wet stack of birch, if it is one of those.
Yes things are sure different these days. I got tired of them changing the names of the mushrooms I eat. Too hard to remember name changes, pet names will do. Some things turned out to be not related at all, when they looked at DNA.
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