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Carl L. Barnes was a half-Cherokee man from Oklahoma who dedicated his later life to isolating and preserving Native American corn varieties. Some of his corn was the source for what eventually became "Glass Gem" corn. You can find lots of articles about him on the web.

Dr. John Wyche, of "Dr. Wyche's Yellow" tomato fame, lived in Hugo, Oklahoma. In addition to that tomato, he also saved and made available seeds for:
Cherokee Trail of Tears bean
Cherokee Long Pod okra
Cherokee Blue mustard
Cherokee Squaw corn (apologies for "squaw" but that's what it's called)
Dr. Wyche's tomatillo
Ruby King bell pepper
Some of these weren't necessarily developed in Oklahoma, though (the Trail of Tears bean, for example, supposedly was brought from the Smoky Mountains to Oklahoma).
See this discussion of Dr. Wyche varieties here:

Ron Rhyne of "Ron's Carbon Copy" fame is from Muskogee, OK, so that tomato and any other varieties he developed would be Oklahoma tomatoes, I guess.

Darrell Merrell of Tulsa, OK called himself "The Tomato Man" and seems to have developed some tomato varieties, including "Yellow Sweet 100." His daughter has the website Other tomatoes that seem to have been developed by Oklahomans in recent years include "Debbie's Paste," "Johnny Jo's," and "Fred's Cherokee Cross."

The heirloom "County Agent" tomato got its name because it was made available to the American public by an Oklahoma county agent, but he obtained the seed for it from Germany.

I don't personally have seeds for any of these; just hoping this might help you find what you're looking for.
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