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One very long word for Sunday brunch, kartoffelpuffer.

I forgot all about them until I had left over mashed potatoes from yesterday.
What I use is the mashed potatoes flour baking powder and egg.
Mix in the egg and enough flour some baking powder to make the potatoes stiff like a dough.

I had some left over cotto salami so I chopped that up and added it too.
Cook on a skillet with some oil I used beef tallow.
Or you can bake in the oven.
Takes a little bit to perfect or get the way you like them but darn well worth it.
If you dont use enough flour they will just fall apart.
This is why you cant follow the recipes you see to the tee it wont work because Not all potatoes are the same and some have more moisture in them than others.
You should be able to make a ball out of the mix in your hand and by all means let the gluten activate.

These are not what we call hash browns.
Mine rise up like fry bread and hold together and you cant find a pictuer of them on the web or at least not many.
If you done want them to rise up as much use less baking powder.
Or you can look up mashed potato pancake and find pictures.
Serve with hot spicy dill pickles.

Here are some that look like mine just a little thinner.
Your imagination is the only limit to these very cheap and easy to make treats and what you can put in them or on top.
From savory to sweet.
Fruit or meat.

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