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Originally Posted by AlittleSalt View Post
$%^& this thread reminds me I need to eat - too often. Today, I got the third coat of paint on the master bedroom walls and ceiling, put down some carpet, moved the bed frame in, fixed the lighting problem - it turns out that the breaker wasn't seated well enough, and got rid of a hidden wall plug that has bothered me for years. (The plug was hidden because our bed was in the way.) hazard.

It looks like a new room all white and spacious. Tomorrow, I need to install a full length mirror, move the box springs and mattress back in, and Jan's bedside table, lamp, and alarming clock. The chest of drawers both need cleaning and repainting attention, but that can wait a few days.

Now, I need to take myself over to the fridge and start marinating what is now aged pork fajita meat. Let's see, some lime juice, oil, 3/4" plywood, salt, Kilz Premium paint, garlic powder...

I almost forgot about eating tomorrow.
At first I read that as install a full length mirror above the box springs.

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