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This reminds me of the young and some older guys at work that have been indoctrinated into buying everything China cheap.
They are flabbergasted I would spend the money on a Fluke meter when they have one for $35 dollars.
They aren't the same trust me.

The only thing that cheap pH meter did for me is tell me my soil pH was way high.
I confirmed it with vinegar.
I didn't have time for test results to be sent off and come back.

All I can say is it read 8 and I adjusted down to what it said was 6 and the plants responded very well.
It took a lot of tinkering to get any good reading from it at all.
My wife bought it for me.
If she would have known there were $2,400 dollar meters she would have insisted I would have gotten one of those.
I did and kept my mouth shut.
My wife was a math English and businesses wizard with no aptitude for instrumentation.

While we are on the subject if you are prone to weighing everything you cook to the gram, get good repeatable scales.
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