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Originally Posted by newatthiskat View Post
I am going to get the Presto 23 quart pressure canner. Alot of people with flat tops stoves use it. I was actually supposed to get it as a Christmas gift and then later as a BIrthday gift but the guy my daughter got it from on Ebay ripped her off. We are in a dispute right now. When we get the money credited back to our account by paypal we are going through Amazon. I have never tried to canbefore so this might be an experience for the books. It is quite possible someone here might have to write an eulogy for me
Mmmm, something with an LOLCAT, "Kat, Kat, poor ol Kat, just hadda get that canner then went splaaat!"
Naaaah, you're gonna love that canner! You are gonna wonder why you held off so long!
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