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Originally Posted by HappyLittleAcreMark View Post
Late to the game, but a few comments:
1.I just picked up the bigger brother of that wire rack at Costco for $89. I know its more expensive, but the size is 48"x20"x72". It comes with wheels, 6 racks and each rack supports 800 pounds (so the packaging claims).
2. As others have suggested, there are cheaper options for the seedling trays than Amazon. For example, the 1020 trays are $13 / 10 pack and $63 / 100 pack for different sized 1020 inserts at GreenhouseMegaStore (warehouse is local to me so no shipping).
get the 100 packs if you haven't yet. throw away the used inserts when you are done with them. it isn't worth the disease aspect when you reuse them. loss of all your potting media and your seeds if they get diseased. I have reused things and it does work as long as you sanitize them well, but if you get in a hurry and don't you are wasting your resources and sometimes that means no crop of that variety because you ca't get new seeds on time or at all.
carolyn k
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