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I thought this was an interesting and very worthwhile experiment with the CRISPR.
Also wondered whether the "double determinate" effect is the same as found naturally in the micro tomatoes.

I did a google afterwards for tomato CRISPR, and there are quite a few experiments out there involving tomato. Another interesting one was for disease resistance. Less impressed with the production of "seedless tomatoes" and the crazy notion that this improves food security, when the plants would have to be cloned for farm scale production. And rationalizing that they don't need bees. Tomatoes of course, don't need bees in the first place. Heck I want a world with seeds and bees for my food security.

"Food security" is such a key buzzword, you'll find it tossed around in every project because it's the key criterion now for funding no doubt. So people will rationalize their project in that light whether it fits or not.
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