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Wow, PaddyMc, those look great!
I'd love to hear a status update at the end of the season and swap some seeds for next year. Since I'm looking for a compact growth habit as well as cold tolerance, I\m trying a group of early determinate/ semi-determinates in my grow this year and comparing with Stupice. No taste test yet, but the winners for early fruit set and setting and growing fruit in cool conditions are already obvious.
Beaverlodge Plum and Kimberley are both precocious flowering, but BLP has twice the fruit set (30 fruit at 90 days from germination), larger fruit, and a very compact growth habit.
Siberian Pink is a fruit setting beast.
Al Kuffa has a beautiful sturdy growth habit, very cold tolerant and steadily setting and growing full clusters of fruit. Gorgeous plant.
Petrusha Ogorodnik has a similar growth habit and is setting up nicely, a little later.
Zolotoe Serdtse is outstanding for setting and growing fruit even during the coldest weather.
Danko is a little later but also promising, with steady fruit set and growth.
Of the two parthenocarpics, Cold Set has loaded up with fruit while Siletz is only now beginning to set.

(Other losers in the early fruit set challenge this year are: Glacier, Alaska, Early Cascade F1, Zolotoy Zapas, Sophie's Choice).

In the indeterminate varieties, I'm missing my Black Sea Man this year, which loads up with big fruit early. I have some candidates performing on par with Oaxacan Jewel, that is, at this stage at least one fruit 1 inch or more plus some small ones setting: Black Early, Yaponskiy Krab, Pervaya Lyubov.

Starting to think about crosses....

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