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Originally Posted by emcd124 View Post
I'm a definite newbie, having only gardened for three years or so, but I'll admit I was surprised that stupice was your choice for a more manageable growth habit. It was a sprawling monstrosity in my garden last summer, growing to at least 8 feet and suckering at 2-3 times the rate of the rest of my plants.

But I do love the dark chocolate tomatoes so I"ll be curious how your crosses turn out. I'm starting to get the itch to do some crossing myself, but I dont really have the room for a proper grow out, as I can only handle 7 plants in my garden.
I have space limitations - small greenhouse - so not easy to accomodate Black Cherry's big sprawling vines and long lengths of vine between fruit clusters. It's a question of number of fruit clusters per yardage of monstrous plant! I liked Stupice growth habit because I got full clusters all the way up the plant, starting a foot from the ground and repeating every foot or so - it's more like two ft. between clusters for Black Cherry.
My attempt to grow the F1's indoors over winter was a failure - a badly timed mite resurgence on my citrus trees also spread to the F1 plants, just when I was getting new tomato and pepper seedlings started... citrus, F1's and all were chucked to put a stop to that infestation cycle. I meant to start them again later, but was overwhelmed with too many plants in the house.
DKelly grew the F1 in Hawaii this winter though, and I have F2 seeds from the Black Cherry X Fiaschetto from him . It's just a bit too late to start them for this year though.... hopefully next year will be the one for some F2's.
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