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Ami, below is a list of plants I have used it on with varying success.

Tomatoes: most foliage diseases; but doesn't help with fusarium or bacterial wilt.

Peppers: helps with foliage and fruit diseases but not systemic diseases

Cucumbers, Melons and Squash: it helps with the various mildews but the affected leaves will usually die and it usually takes at least two treatments.

Onions and Garlic: I've had some success with various onion diseases but not root diseases.

Roses: helps a lot with those leaf spots

These are the things I have used it on in the last few years. It just seems to help with many kinds of fungus, bacteria, or mold but does little if anything for systemic diseases like fusarium or TSWV. Two of the best things about it is the cost and no waiting time til harvest. I don't use it indiscriminately but rather when the diseases are starting to cause problems. It might be better if I used it sooner and more often.
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