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Ami, if you have a plant that is afflicted with a foliage disease that you are having difficulty controlling why not just mix up a small batch and spray one or two plants as a test. Put 2 oz in a quart of water with a drop of soap and use a fine misting spray being sure to get the undersides of the leaves as well as the tops.

I started out by testing it on the worst diseased plants that were near death and some managed to survive when I got the mix right. Then I started using it on more and more plants of all kinds when foliage diseases started getting bad. It is not a perfect solution but it is the most effective one I have found once the diseases take hold of a plant.

I haven't sprayed in over 3 weeks and just went out and saw early blight has taken hold in the rainy weather we've been having with heat index over 100 every day for a month. My bell peppers need spraying too because they are getting that stuff where spots form on the fruit. I haven't been spraying them this year and now I'm regretting it. I had to throw away dozens of peppers today.
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