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I don't want to tell you how much time I spent going through all the tomatoes at Tomatofest and not finding anything metallic so I went to Laurel's website, Gary's business partner, and was really surprised.

Not only is her list of varieties for 2012 very abbreviated but I think that's where the metallic ones were and now even they aren't there any more. And she had a comment about Purple Haze saying she wan't carrying it b'c it wasn't stable but the fact is it was the F1 Puple Haze she listed and K has probably just run out of the F1 seeds to supply her with.

Just a couple of comments.

Both Gary and Laurel offer quite a few varieties from Lisa at Amishland and Laurel even links to her site. Gary had copied the Lisa blurb about one of my varieties, I think it was Todd County Amish, and thus transferred the wrong info that was at her site. Not good at all.

It's also clear to me at least that Gary is using Amy Goldman's book for information since next to the variety Opalka he aka's it as Polish Topedo, which is very wrong and the only place that that error is found is in Amy's book.

Gary also noted in the blurb for Indian Stripe that I named it, which is also wrong b'c Mr Burson called it both Indian Stripe and Indian Zebra and when I asked Donna, the source of my seeds what to call it she said pick either one you want, so I chose Indian Stripe.

There were many varieties, as I went through, that I hadn't thought about in years, and many that were said to be heirlooms, and aren't.

I also saw Tadesse listed and I think that's one that someone looking for in the seed exchange so will look, but it was described as pink/red and that's not right but maybe the epidermis wasn't checked.

But I do think that the description Remy gave about the copper sheen, verdigis stripes might well have referred to those metallic ones that I did see at Laurel's that she no longer lists.

Well, I tried.
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