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Originally Posted by HudsonValley View Post
I'm growing San Marzano Redorta for the first time this year (from MMMM seeds). Mine just went in the ground last week, so I have no idea about fruit shape yet, but the plant has somewhat droopy, smallish leaves that remind me of Amish Paste. I read somewhere on these boards that wispy leaves are typical of this variety. Assuming that info is correct, leaf type might help avoid future mix-ups before planting out...
Got mine from MMMM, too. I will try to remember to take a picture when I get fruit. I was expecting a plum type. I grew regular San Marzano 2 years ago. I can’t remember if I started from seed or not. But, it was incredibly prolific. It wasn’t very tall, but very bushy and I kept having to put more supports around it every time it rained. Sauce was very good.
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